Friday, October 10, 2008

Operation: Lance sleep in!

It has been two days since Lance's room has been transformed into the dungeon! We had a blanket over the window and it was still so bright in his room. I took Lance down to one nap over a month ago. He did really well for about a month, and then the last week he has gotten so tired in the morning. I find that if he sleeps in until 8:30, then he does fine with out a nap until 1pm. So, we made his room a black out zone, to see if would sleep in a little longer in the morning. The past two days, he has slept in at least 45 minutes longer, so I would say - this operation - so far, is a success!


Criscell said...

Okay, so I totally need to do that to Caysja's room. She still wakes up sometimes at 5:50 am and I think she would sleep later if it were darker. I need sleep!

Anonymous said...

Ah man I love the sleeping in... well what kids think is sleeping in though :) That is so cool that you did that though and cool to hear that you have a schedule somewhat j/k :) Can I just say that is was so much fun talking to you the other day! How did that interview go? Plus I bet you are just loving being back home!!! I want to have a home to go to!!!!! :)
Well next time you are in town lets forsure do a lunch or something fun! Good luck with the sleeping in!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah man I just wrote a long comment and it deleted it :) I was just writing to so say wahoo for Lance sleeping in! Brilliant for making the room dark.
Also can I just say that it was so much fun talking to you the other day! which how did the interview go?? It would be so fun to have you here (well that is if we get a job here too :) )I am sure though that it is so nice to be back home though. I can't wait until we have a place to go for our own home :)
Well good luck with the sleeping in and I totally love the updates :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh you have to appove the comments... lol
I was seriously going to be so sad that I had to write again :) lol
p.s. you don't have to approve all of my comments I am totally a dork :)

Melissa said...

Oh man the more sleep the better!!! So glad it is working for him. I have to have it pretty dark too.

Rachel said...

We totally do this with our kids. It helps a ton I think. I hate how their rooms feel like a dungeon though. Oh well more sleep for me:)