Thursday, October 2, 2008


Alright - I got tagged - two different tags by two different people, so I'll try to kill them both off in one post.


8 TV shows I love to watch:
Ugly Betty
Desperate Housewives
Law & Order
Fox News - Hannity and Colmes
All the political news stations
Greys Anatomy - although I am so disappointed: Can Meredith get any more annoying, it is just getting super trashy these days I think.
SYTYCD and AI in season

8 Favorite Restaurants:
Wagamamas (I have only been in London, but I think I heard they just opened one in MA?)
Buffet at the SL Country Club (before my grandparents passed away)
Market Street
Porcupine Grill
Really, we rarely go out to eat, so I don't even know...

8 things that happened yesterday:
We went to the park with Lance and some friends and sat in the shade feeding the ducks and having a picnic for over two hours, it was lovely.
Went to Old Navy and picked out fun Halloween shirts for our little family
Went to Thunderbird Campaign - an awesome fundraiser with food, fun, and activities for the family.
Went over to our friend Charlie and Michelle's home for a going away dinner party for our friend Kukai who is moving with his family to Turkey in a couple of weeks.
Made an appetizer and a yummy salad to take to the dinner party.
Watched Seinfield with Speenie before we went to bed.
Read my scriptures.
Picked up some pictures from Costco.

8 Things I am looking forward to:
Continuing to have a great life with my great family.
Lance learning to walk by himself
Lance having a sibling sometime
Spence getting a good job out of school and figuring out where we are going to live.
Traveling (no worries, my mind is always thinking about fun trips we could go on!)
VP Debate (it just ended, and I loved it!)
General Conference
The stock market getting better

8 things I love about THIS Fall:
Still swimming in October down here, not having to experience any cold until we go to Utah for Christmas,chilli, parties, Thanksgiving, Halloween, my mom coming to town to visit, going to the Grand Canyon in a couple of weeks.

8 things on my WISH list:
That myself and my family can be safe and healthy and live a long and happy life together.
A bedroom set for Lance and a whole bunch of toys for him too - I swear, I want to buy him EVERYTHING! So in other words, an unlimited debit card!
My "Europe" shutterfly book that I have already created but am waiting for a great coupon before purchasing
The stock market to come back up, so that we aren't losing our 401K by the minute!
For our student loans to magically disappear!
A cool trip... ok, several - I want to go to Phuket, Thailand, India, African Safari, Maccu Piccu in Peru, and on a Caribbean Cruise.
To be able to play the guitar really well.
That McCain/Palin will win in November

8 People I Tag:
Katie M., Erika H., Melissa R., Annie T., Mollie D., Jenny G., Lauren H., Suzi B.

Tag #2 - Abi tagged me on a random thoughts in a blog form so here goes 6 random thoughts:

1. One of my biggest pet peeves is how bathroom doors are made. Ok people - I mean, can someone please explain to me why you push the door to go in, but then you have touch the grose dirty handle after you have just washed your hands on the way out. They should totally be reversed.

2. So, I have some really good girlfriends down here in AZ who have kids around Lance's age. We get together almost every day to hang out. It is so nice having friends whose kids are on the same schedule as Lance and to be able to hang out with these girls and their kiddos as much as I do. It is so nice just to be able to get out of the house every morning and to stay busy. Not only is it fun for me, but it is super fun for Lance too. I hope I can make some fun new friends wherever we move next. This is once thing I am going to really miss when we move.

3. I want to learn how to play guitar really well, and I want to take dance lessons with Speenie - like the fun Latin and Ballroom dances.

4. So I am really confused. I have been taking the same class at my gym off and on for an entire year. So, I kind of just expect it to get easier, you know - my muscles are supposedly getting bigger. Well, no - I swear every time I go I think it gets harder and harder. I haven't uped my weights. Am I just getting weaker? What!? Or my teacher is da bomb, and switches it up enough, that it is just an amazing class - c'mon Phoenix friends, please join at 24 hour with me! :)

5. I secretly want to go to nursing school. I think I would love the patient contact and helping people, and I think it would be an AWESOME part time job with kids - plus I would love learning all about medicine and health - HOWEVER I can't stand blood, needles, germs, shots, etc. So, I really don't think this would be the best idea for me.

6. I am a BIG FAN of Sarah Palin. I know that so many people think she is unqualified and yaddi yaddi yaddi - but folks, c'mon. This woman got involved in politics because she originally joined the PTA and continued to get involved because she CARED about a better environment for her kids. She is not like all the Washington insiders that have been around forever and play all of their political games. I love that to me she comes across as the real deal - what you see is what you get. She has such a cute husband and family. She just seems like any normal person, plus she is gorgeous and talented and well rounded! Who knows if she will win, but I believe having someone like her in the white house would be just the thing America needs!

Ok - well those are my random thoughts - I will TaG: Jenn W., Becca B., Kim W., Kim P., Alaina C., and Abi V.


Nicole said...

ha. i love that you are grossed out by bathroom doors yet you secretly want to be a nurse. you crack me up.

Criscell said...

You would make a GREAT nurse! But I am with you on the blood, needles thing...

I LOVE Sarah Palin too!

Melissa said...

Am I Melissa R? I didn't even notice until now.