Monday, July 20, 2009

The big birthday post!

We celebrated the Goose's birthday with a family and a few friend birthday party. He had a blast. Here are a few (but really a million) pictures from the big day.

We went to a ward party at our neighbors house, and Lance went nuts over this house. Lucky for us they really wanted to get rid of it. He calls it "Lance's House!" He could play in it all day.

Of course Spence had to give him his first set of golf clubs! He was a lot more interested in all of the balls!

Here is a picture of the party. It was such a nice evening, and the company was amazing. I also thought the balloons hanging in our weeping willow tree were so cute!

Papa and Jojo!

Some of the fam. I love that my friend Bekah is in the background managing all the little kiddos. They loved to take Lance's golf clubs and swing at the balloons!

More family and friends

Lance is obsessed with "Rosies." (ring around the rosies), so of course all the kids played. The two girls in the matching pink headbands are two of my little cousins I nanny every day. They are amazing to Lance and were really so cute to him and all the kids at the party.

All the kiddos

Lance opening some presents. (Thank you everyone, he was so spoiled!)

Family picture with the cake I decorated (well 75% of it, some of the hard parts my mom did!) You can't really tell, but it is Big Bird. I thought it turned out pretty darn cute for my first try.

Cute Charlie and Michelle

My parents spoiled Lance with this jeep. I love this action shot of Lance and Ella!

Lance with his great grandmas

My cute parents with the gift of the night. Lance was getting pretty tired and then we brought out the jeep and he went nuts. He was screaming and stomping his feet. A very cute reaction. Now, we just have to teach him how to push the gas and get it to move.

Lance waving goodbye to everyone. Thanks to everyone for their comments, phone calls, happy birthday song renditions and all the love you showed to Lance. He had such a fun day and me as the mom, I thought it was a perfect 10. Such a great day!

Now is my time to brag about my boy! I would have to say Lance's favorite things are BOOKS!
I seriously think that is why he is so darn smart. He could read books all day. Every night we let him pick out one book to read before he goes to bed and every night he says over and over again "more books, more books!"

Lance refers to other kids as "guys!" He always wants to "play with the guys." The best way to describe his demeanor is kind hearted and sweet. He is honestly the sweetest little guy in the world. He is not a bully, he doesn't get mad if someone steals his toys, he is just a love. He tends to get a little beat up in nursery at times, but instead of getting mad and punching back he is such a peace maker.

One of the things that we are most impressed about Lance at this age is that he knows every alphabet letter. And I don't mean, just singing the song. I can show him any letter of the alphabet (I would say probably either upper or lower case) and he knows what they are in any order, plus he probably knows the sounds about 10 of the letters make. He just blows us away. He also knows his numbers 1-10. He has done such a great job with all of his verbal skills. We are so proud of our goose!

Ok well that is my never-ending birthday and brag post about my little man. We sure love our Lance!


Lindsay said...

Oh man, what a cutie pie! Lance is such a little stud - you SHOULD brag about him! I can't believe how much he knows already! Such cute birthday pictures, I love his little face in the very top picture with you...he looks so excited that it's his birthday! And it looks like he had a blast at his party! Your house looks so great! I want to come visit soon for sure! We'll have to do lunch or something sometime soon! I'll keep in touch!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Lance! He is such a cute boy! I think two is such a fun age, especially with little boys because they express themselves so much more. Carter and Rylynn love my parent's little jeep too. It is so funny watching them drive it because they are out of control. What a fun party!

rocknclarks said...

Happy birthday little man! It looks like you all had a great day! I love Lance's long hair, I am glad you didn't cut it!

Jen Petty said...

Smart kid from smart parents :) Looks like you guys had a blast. Love the action jeep shot!

k.k. chamberlain said...

What a fun post! I love it. Have you heard of You're such a great blogger, you should totally check it out.

theminerfamily said...

Tee... What a great day! I had fun reading it, and yes I read everyword! He is such a cutie! We need to play again, I cannot believe how fast the time has gone since we last got together!

Melissa said...

What a fun little party! And great back yard.

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh. I haven't checked your blog in a while, and what a little man Lance is! Happy birthday. Can you even believe he's 2? I love to hear about his adventures and love for books. What a smart guy!