Saturday, September 19, 2009

BiG BeD!

Since our basement flooded and we had to take all the furniture out of Lance's room, we thought, heck, might as well move him out of the crib. So far, it has been awesome. He LOVES his "Big Bed!" And with "big bed" - we are talking - BIG BED. We need to keep the crib for baby Sis, so Lance gets the queen. Lucky guy. He looks so little in the big bed, it's so cute!

It was funny, we went to put him in his bed, and we were trying to snuggle with him the first night and read him a million books so he would sleep well and Lance is like "Time for night-night!" In other words, mom and dad - get out of here, I'm tired. It was funny. So here he is waving goodnight and goodbye to us.

I hope he continues to sleep well and enjoy his big bed. We'll keep our fingers crossed!


jonna said...

we didn't have much luck with the big girl bed. plus i didn't want to get up for 2 kids. but, now ryan is sleeping through the night so we will try again soon.

Melissa said...

Thats adorable! What an easy transition.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, that is SO cute! I love the one of him waving good night! Holy cow, he's adorable. That's so nice he did so well with the move! Go Lance! And cute State Fair pictures too! Looks like fun!