Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's BBQ time!

We had some of Speen's HS friends over for a BBQ the week before we went to Florida. What good sports these guys are, I asked them to pose for a picture, and although they did it quite mockingly, I think it turned out cute!

From clockwise: Eric, Speen, Jason, Zann, and Luth

The girls: It is super fun because Jonna (pictured first) just had a little baby boy a couple of months ago, Sasha and I (are due one day apart next month) and Erin is due I think in February! Zann's wife was working, but she is also expecting a little girl in January. So, there will soon be a lot more kiddos in the picture below!

Aren't these kids cute? Lance and the two girls are all within 4 months of each other. Jonna's new baby was asleep so he is missing in the picture.


jonna said...

nice pics. the one of the guys is really good. and i love the little kids faces. hope to do it again sometime soon, before you all pop out your babies.

Melissa said...

Adorbale kiddos! So fun to see all those guys and their darling families.