Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lance's Birthday!

Lance turned 3 on July 15th, and what a special day we had!!!

The Saturday before his birthday we had Spencer's family over for a little party, since they were going to be out of town on his birthday.

Here is Kelli and Lorin's little family and by little I mean 5 kids 6 and under! Wowsers, I can't imagine that, they are amazing parents!

Here is Lance wearing his special birthday hat!

Lance loved his pink cake decorated with skittles!

Then came his real birthday and the day could not have been better! Lance had been telling everyone the whole week "my birthday is on Thursday, July 15th!" It was too cute.

Spence and I blew up a huge pack of balloons and taped them all over the walls and filled the hallway out of his room, so when he woke up he was surrounded by balloons, he loved it!

He looks so old and handsome, I can't believe it!

For breakfast I put a candle in his waffles and sang to him. I think my families birthdays are my favorite days of the year!!!

Playing with his new toy!

Next, our friend Jessica invited us over for swimming and fabulous lunch with some of our favorite friends.

Later that night we had my family over for dinner, and then some of our friends came over for a little party!

Here is my dad with Tallie.

My parents gave him this cool soccer net.

Miss Tallie Tootles with my grandma!

Me and my friend Leslie!

Mommy and her big 3 year old!

Our neighbors are pro soccer players, they were showing Lance a thing or two about playing soccer!

And now the pinata! Wow, what a story. I swear every kid took a whack at the pinata and it wouldn't break. Finally Speen had to take one of his golf clubs and take a full swing to get it down. And the best news - it didn't even hurt his ribs, wahoo!

Love the cutting of the cake, singing happy birthday, and blowing out the candles, isn't that the best part of the night?

My parents giving Tallie her first and second and about 20 bites of ice cream! Yes, she did end up throwing it up!

Owen, one of Lance's friends. I really hope Lance gets potty trained in time for school, so he and Owen can be in the same preschool class.

Tallie literally sat on the grass like this for 30 minutes just totally caught up in all of the attention, plus she kept her party hat on!!!

Opening presents.

Me and my besties!

My love!

And Lance and his buddy Fatau!

Thanks to everyone for their love, support and birthday wishes to Lance!!!


Josh, Abbie, Tienna and Kiara said...

Happy birthday Lance!! He's so grown up and it looks like you all had a blast!

Sam and Jess said...

awww, I love ya Katie. Happy birthday to Lance and Spence...wish we could've come and rocked out at Spence's party.

Suzi said...

Soooo cute and fun! Looks like a great b-day for little Lance!