Thursday, August 5, 2010

"We like to Party..."

Bring on Spencer's 30th Birthday Party 2010!

I had a "Rock Star" themed birthday party for Speen's 30th. We had people come dressed as their favorite rock star/singer, and we 'rocked' the night away!

Yours Truly - Tina Turner and Steve Tyler welcoming the guests!!!

Spencer's favorite food is "breakfast food" so we went with it - we had a fruit and yogurt parfait bar, fruit platter, cinnamon sticks and his mom's famous stuffed french toast and syrup!  YUMMY!

My brother and his wife (fresh off a float down the Weber River) were the "Beach Boys!" 
What can I say, if it is going to rain, at least we got a rainbow.  At the last minute we moved everything from the backyard to underneath our covered patio, and I must say it worked out well!

Tina and "Lady Gaga!"
Cindy Lauper!!! 

Tina walking down the "red carpet!"

A pregnant "Jamie Lynn Spears!"
Enrique Iglesias, Steve Tyler, and Tim McGraw
Dolly Parton
Billy Idol

Let the Karaoking and Dancing begin!!!
Sir Elton John!

"Girls just wanna have Fun!" 

What can I say, "We like to Party!"

               Happy Birthday Speen!


Erika Hanks said...

That looks SOOOO fun! Wish we could have been there! LOVE your costumes!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Are you serious - HOW FUN!!! I'm so bummed we missed it! Looks like a blast! I love Jane's Cyndi Lauper! Fabulous!

Suzi said...

You guys are HILARIOUS and you sure know how to put on a party!! Love it! Happy Birthday to Speen!

Chelsey said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I love you costumes!

Kristin said...

That was an awesome party and I had such a great time!!! You guys sure know how to rock!! :)

k.k. chamberlain said...

Hey, how fun you are! I love your costumes. Will you please, please, please share the french toast recipe? I'm drooling over here!

shayna said...

Happiest Birthday Spencer. I need to get invited to crap like this. I would have totally rocked it. Looks like it was really fun.

The Beck Family said...

Awesome party! It looks like you had a blast planning and throwing it!

Rachel said...

Yay Kates! I am so glad you did this post. I read your other birthday boy post and I was so sad that you didn't say who you dressed up as. Looks like the party turned out to be sooo fun! I love your outfits! I can't believe your baby boy is 3 too! What a cutie. I love the diaper comment in your last post. LOL. How is that going? Don't push it, he will just do it one day when he is ready and then it will be no stress. Hang in there!

Alysha said...

What a clever idea-that seriously looks like so much fun! Way to go on planning such a great party!

cas said...

oh my gosh! You guys are so much fun! What a great idea. You guys always know how to party! Happy birthday Spencer! Welcome to club 30!

Tenley said...

You look amazing! I'm not a bit surprised though. What a blast! I'm sorry we weren't there! Happy Birthday Spence!

Ashlee Swensen said...

How fun! You guys are awesome I love the costumes!