Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Birthday Boys!

Spence turned 30 this last week! We had a really fun day on his birthday. He was able to golf 30 holes - yes 30, perfect start of his day. Then we got sushi for lunch, he went to work and had a fun dinner that night with my family.

We love our daddy!

I love that my boys birthdays are two weeks apart. It makes July such a fun month!!!

Oh Spence, what to say! Look at you - what a fun and crazy guy you are! You make life super fun. I love your adventure and enthusiasm towards life. I love that you are always up for having a good time. I love that you are such an incredible husband and dad. I love your voice and that you will always sing to us and that you utilize your talents. I love your testimony and what a good example you are to us. I love how you get excited about new opportunities and put your whole heart into them. I am so grateful for you - Happy Birthday Babe! I hope the 30's are "AMAZING!"

And my Mr. Lance! You are such a sweet little guy. You are very easy-going. You are so nice to Tallie and are the best big brother. They call the past year the "terrible twos," well, maybe you were terrible two times. Seriously, you are so amazing. I love your desire to learn and grow. You love learning. You mastered your numbers, letters, colors, alphabets, sounds, etc months ago, and are now starting to read words on your flash cards. You memory is incredible too. You love to play instruments and listen to music or to have people sing to you. You love your family, church with the guys, playing on daddy's ipad "the big shape game," and playing with friends. You can be silly and so funny! I want to tape a video camera to you so I can capture the funny things you say every day! You are such a joy to have in our family. Love you Lance!!!

You are so easy-going that you don't even mind wearing diapers... but let's change that soon buddy, ok?


katie m said...

Cute! Happy birthday to Spence!
And my husband would concur with the fact that golfing 30 holes to the start of ANY day is simply fantastic. Sushi would be my choice.
You guys know how to celebrate it right!!!!

Fun to run into you at the zoo!!! Loved it.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday to your cute boys! Looks like Lance had a blast for his b-day! I love it, he knew the exact date - too cute!

Heidi said...

Love it!! You throw such great parties. Thanks for your sweet post today. See you soon.