Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Didn't you know there is a white sand beach in Utah?

So, after our hike on Saturday, we thought what should the next activity be?

Since we could see The Great Salt Lake from the top of the hike, I suggested we could drive over and see what it was like.  I hadn't been there since elementary school and I figured the place would be in better shape than then.  So, I googled the Great Salt Lake on my trusty i phone, and you'll never believe what it said...

"The Great Salt Lake and its islands provide outstanding scenery and recreational opportunities in northern Utah. Sunsets over the lake can be breathtaking. Amazing red, orange, lavender and magenta hues slowly dissolve in the evening sky. The lake's turquoise waters attract sailors, its white sand beaches are popular with swimmers and sunbathers, and craggy outcroppings on Antelope Island and some shoreline areas draw hikers and mountain bikers."

What the???  I thought we lived in Utah, not Florida???

A White Sand Beach in Utah?  Wow, what a well written, enticing article.  It made it sound like a little piece of Heaven right here in Utah, so excitedly we went.

We figured the kids could frolic in the beautiful turquoise water and play on the white sand beach, while Spence and I sunbathed and got a tan...

Well, as I am sure your not surprised to hear, the article above, was FALSE ADVERTISING at it's finest!  However, I am sure the term "white sand beaches" will always be a little personal joke for our little family!

Here are some pictures from our little 'beach getaway!'  If Lance thought that was the beach, then imagine his excitement when we take him to a real beach!  

Lance running to the "ocean!"  

Don't attempt to do a summersault on the 'white sand beach' - or you may end up with scrapes all up and down your knees!  

 Attempting to "sunbathe" on the incredibly firm, sharp, and prickly 'sand!'


katie m said...

COOOLLL pictures.. Love them!!

I know-- white sand! Bwah ha!! But then again, if it's all we got, it's all we got!!

Chris and I have been brooding lately over whether or not we should make the trip out to the Great Salt Lake with the kids.. and this post just confirmed that we must. How long did it take you to get out there?

Can't wait for our get together soon!!

Kelli and Jonathan said...

I haven't blog stalked you in a while! These pictures are awesome and I absolutely love the picture of Lance 'running to the ocean'. Very cool.