Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Grandma...

Spence's sweet grandma Helen died in May after 18+ months with a brain tumor.  When she was originally diagnosed back in October 2009, she was given 6 weeks to live.  Well, believe it or not, she lived for 18 more months.

I remember when she was first diagnosed I cried and cried and cried.  Spence and I had become incredibly close to both of his grandparents.  When we were first married and living in Utah we would spend every thursday night at their home watching Survivor, eating dinner, and staying up late playing Pinochle!  Every weekend we would call and see if they wanted to hang out and play cards.  I can truly say that grandma and grandpa were some of our very best friends.

Being married into the family, I am surprised by how comfortable I felt around his grandparents and how close I became to them.  I felt like I was one of their own and like I had know them forever.  I am so grateful for all of the special times and incredible memories we were able to have with grandma and grandpa Driggs!

In August, before the house sold, the entire family got to together for one last party.  Here are some pictures.

The gates to the house was such an inviting entry. 

Here are some of the family members that came to celebrate the wonderful memories had at that home.

Here are some more beautiful pictures that Spencer's cousin Lindsay took.

The wall of pictures going upstairs.  I remember one night after "our shows" grandma and I walked up the stairs and she told me about all of the pictures on her wall.  I was so curious why she would hang up a frame with out a picture inside!!!

So many hours spent in this darling room chatting, laughing, crying, and watching Survivor.  I even watched my very first "I Love Lucy" episode there!

The wall of pictures.  When we all came and took down the pictures we had given grandma and grandpa after they died, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw all the pictures they had up of our family, especially Lance!  I guess I got a little carried away sending her pictures when we lived in California and Arizona!

Oh and the green swing - as everyone who is part of the Driggs family knows - there were so many lovely chats and summer evenings spent on this green swing!

Our original "Survivor Crew" - even Natalie and Adam's dog, Scooter, lol!  These are memories we will cherish forever!

Grandpa had the bluest eyes and the sweet personality!

This is when grandpa came to visit us in Fresno and decided to take us all to the fair.  I think he brought $100 thinking that would be more than enough to cover the night and we blew through it in like 5 minutes.  We had to go to an ATM and get out more cash.  He couldn't believe how prices had changed since he had been to the fair when he was our age.  Sorry grandpa no more 10 cent hotdogs, now they are $10!

Oh grandma and I absolutely creaming at Pinoch!  I have no idea how we got them to stay up until 2am playing cards!!!

Yep baby - read it and weep!

Grandma was able to come to Abi's shower in March, and she even made it to her Temple Sealing.  That was so special because it happened to be one of her last outings.

We kept telling grandma that she would be up in Heaven and would send Tallie down to us.  Who would of thought she would have lived to see her be 7 months old!  I am so grateful I was able to take this picture of grandma with my two cute kiddos! 

This is at grandma's funeral.  Here is her and grandpa's posterity.  They had 10 kids and about 55 grandkids.  I think everyone was there except for one family that is currently residing in Japan, and another family who had just had a baby days before.  What an awesome posterity!!! 

The luncheon after the funeral was held in true grandma fashion - it was a party with pizza and ice cream.  The table decorations consisted of blue and white balloons tied down with cans of diet coke!
After the luncheon we all went out and let the balloons go!

And finally, here is a picture of a Christmas present Speen and I gave to grandma - a set of pinochle cards with a picture of us playing! 

We love you Grandma and Grandpa Driggs.  Thanks for the wonderful memories!  We love you!


Rob said...

What a great post. I almost had to bring out the tissues. Certainly a flood a of emotion with your pictures.
For the record two things
1. Thanks for giving us props about living in Japan.
2. I believe we have been underestimated as part of the original Survivor club. Honestly a little hurt.
Things would certainly smooth over with a visit.

Thanks for the AWESOME tribute to Grandma and Grandpa I miss them too.


Lindsay said...

SOO sweet. Thanks for the tribute Katie...I loved it! And thanks for having us over yesterday - such a BLAST!!! You are awesome. Weston can't stop talking about "ance's" house!

The Brown Team said...

wow! I really did cry! I guess is still just doesn't seem real. I sure miss them too. Thanks
and yes I can get you the higher quality pics. I did send them in high quality though I thought.