Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary!

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on June 28th!  We went to La Caille and celebrated with Speen's parents!  It was extremely overpriced, even with my $80 ksl voucher, but was still a fun experience and great company!

Here we are walking around the gardens before dinner! 

Spence was pumped they had a golfing green and tee box!

There were roosters and hens just wondering all over the property!

First course - don't ask me, some randomness on a big spoon!

Spencer's dad ordered a crab cocktail that had about 1 ounce of crab and about 15 oz of ice!

This peacock wandered all around us during dinner, and at one point grabbed a piece of bread right out of my hand!  Also, note the singer/guitar player in the background.  It was wonderful to sit outside and enjoy the surroundings and the music!

Our meals came with a salad - this is my salad - crab, avacado, and grapefruit.

Spencer's was warm spinach and goat cheese.  I don't think there is anything nastier than warm spinach, but whatever!

Spence ordered the rack of lamb.  He was deciding between that and short ribs, so our waitress just brought him out a side or short ribs too, on the house!

I got scallops, and they were quite delicious!

We all split the dessert sampler, which was delicious.

It was definitely a fun night, and a memorable way to spend our 8th anniversary!  I love you hunny!


Jenn said...

Congrats on 8 years! You look gorgeous like always!

Abi said...

So glad you did this! It is awesome. Yes, pricey . . . but that is the point of an anniversary right? Happy 8th year!