Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to the world's best dad!

I am so grateful that Spence is so awesome and such a hand's on dad!  He has quite a bedtime routine with these kiddos!  And although I don't particularly like it when he's out of town (cause it's so long) the kids have so much fun wrestling and playing, reading scriptures and telling stories, saying prayers, and tracing figures on their backs!  

One other thing about Spence that I thought was adorable is my friend Heidi came over for lunch the other day.  Heidi worked at the same company with Spence and she said one thing that stood out to her about Spence was how much he talked about his kids.  She said often times you don't hear the dads/men talking to everyone about their kids, but Spence loved sharing funny things they did and it was very apparent how much he loved them!  Thanks babe for being such a great dad.  They definitely hit the jackpot with you!  We all love you! 

We were also able to spend time with both of our dad's on Father's Day!  I am grateful for how sweet my dad is to my kids.  They love spending time with Papa.  They love playing hide in seek with him, reading books with him and they love it when he takes them to the "King's Crown!" (aka Crown Burger) In fact, I ate dinner at my parents house last night and I told my kids it was time to leave and Tallie said "I can't leave yet, I haven't seen Papa's garden, and I haven't cuddled with Papa yet!"  She definitely has her Papa wrapped around her finger! 

And we certainly love this Papa too!  He is always up for having fun with the kids, playing games, and going swimming!  We especially love when he rides his bike over to visit us!  

I'm so happy to have such wonderful men in my children's lives!  

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