Sunday, August 26, 2012

June Random Part 1

We did a lot of fun and random things in June where I took one picture here and there.  So the next two posts will include random funs of June!  

Cute new outfit from Presley from our new friend and Spencer's coworker Ivana!  

Could she be any sweeter?  

Spence spoke at a convention in Silicon Valley, CA and one day spent the afternoon hanging out with MC Hammer!  "Can't touch this...."  

He also randomly decided to get braces while on that trip to Cali.  His best friend Dave (pictures in stripes above) is an incredible orthodontist and decided to fullfill one of Spencer's lifelong dreams of fixing his teeth!  Thanks Dave!  They stayed up until the wee hours of the morning two days to get it done while he was there!  

"Surprise honey, I'm home!"  Seriously - I had no clue until he walked in the door!  

My cute friend Amy came over and did all of our sparkle toes!  Tallie was so patient and did great and never got scared even when she had to file down her nails!  

The Glitter Crew! 

Tallie and Lance making their own mini pizzas from Papa Murphy's AKA "Mini Murphs!" 

Enjoying the summer sun! 

Lance wearing a coat to swimming lessons!  On Monday it was 104 at swimming and Wednesday it was 54.  Now doesn't that describe Utah's change in weather perfectly!  

Sometime's you just need a sip of coke! 

 Like Grandfather like Granddaughter.  The "Big Snooze" and the "Little Snooze!"  

Not a great picture, but my Grandpa Joe and his wife Donna meeting the Little P!

Lancing LOVING his bubble bath! 

Oh the little P - cute as always! 

Tallie loves herself a good sword! 

This little guy loves his little sister more than anything!  He can always get her to smile, it's so tender and sweet!  

Tootle's first time wearing french braids - it wasn't easy!  

Shopping with my girlies! 

Say ChEeSe! 

A cabbage I pulled out of my parents yard!  

I made these delicious enchilladas - cabbage leaves instead of tortilla leaves and black beans and quinoa instead of meat, lol!  Interesting but good!  

Catching a ride with the coppers at the Millcreek Park Festival!  

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