Sunday, August 26, 2012

June Random Part 2

We did a lot of fun things in June - here is a hodge podge of some of the randoms!  

Water play date with friends!  

Cute Kiddos!  

Twinner sisters in matching suits! 

Fun little swimming pool provided hours of entertainment! 

Rub a dub, dub - my three little loves! 

Lance's best friend from Thunderbird now lives in Salt Lake and they had a blast playing together! 

We got "chalked!"  My suspicions would be on my cute young women... 

Matchie, matchie!  

Love this picture, dead asleep in the middle of the hall!  

Love my little p!  

Enjoying some tummy time! 

Tallie's 2nd movie ever - but first with daddy and first one that she sat through and really enjoyed!  

1st harvest from the garden (about mid-June 2012) 

A very successful trip to Ikea!  Yes Presley is buried under there somewhere! 

This picture is totally legit - my dad was literally sleeping under that for 20 minutes!  Lance and Tallie could not stop laughing!!  

Lance trying out a Kung Fu class and Tallie desperately wanting in on the action! 

Having a blast at the new City Creek Mall!  

Hanging out with the Sophie's at the Bourne's house! 

Playing time!  

And finally - the one time in your life neck rolls look adorable!  

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