Wednesday, November 14, 2007

PhOeNiX zOo!

Lucky for Lance and I we have two good friends that have season passes to the zoo (meaning with their pass they can take a friend for free)... so this means we have already been to the zoo TWO different times. Both times we had an absolute BLAST!!! Thanks Jen and Becca.

Checking out the Giraffes... and then onto the zebras!

Resting in the shade! Big fan of the shade in the 100 degree weather!

Lance and I with Becca and Parker

Lance and I with the Petty Family - Jen, Ellia, and Ethan

Seriously though .... such a blast. I just love it here in AZ, so many fun people and things to do!


Natalie said...

I love Lance! He is so darling Katie. You look like such a happy mom!

Abi said...

You know I just noticed that my memory wasn't as good, but I don't think it gets worse after each one. But hey you probably shouldn't ask me . . . since I am the one who may or may not remember.

Cody & Nicole said...

Oooh...your pictures are so cute! The zoo looks like so much fun. We still haven't been. I'm sure it's tons better with all the cute babies though. :)

Paul said...

Lance is a stud.

What a cute little guy. We are so excited and proud of you guys. He could not have a better environment to grow up in.
What a lucky little guy. I know you are taking good care of the 1st little Taggart grand baby.
We Love You

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Vic and Lindsay said...

Looks like you had fun at the zoo! I bet Lance love it! hahaha! But really playdates are as much for the moms as they are for the kids. I am glad you are loving AZ but wish you lived here.:( By the way.......I did your tag, check it out!