Saturday, November 10, 2007


I was tagged by two different friends to share 6 things about myself... I kind of had a hard time thinking of 6 things - but here goes...

1. I love to go in and peek at Lance while he is sleeping, and every time that I do I am just overcome by this incredible burst of love for him. It is amazing the amount
of love you can have for your children. I am so grateful for my two guys. I love them so much.

2. I love to play the guitar. I am not great, but I think it is super fun to play and sing along. Lance loves it when I play my guitar to him, and he especially loves it when daddy sings instead of mommy! I took guitar lessons in Fresno, Ca for 6 months until my teacher quit teaching. I even played "Hotel California" in my recital!

3. Three new things I have started loving lately - my pilates and yoga class at my gym and Law & Order - I know that sounds so nerdy, but I love to "crack the case!"

4. I have started selling cute little tiles. I will post pictures of them. They are quite cute, and would make darling Christmas gifts!

5. I used to have a super hard time drinking water. However, I knew it was important to drink a lot of water while pregnant, so I would put in a little crystal light packet. Well, ok - I now LOVE those crystal light packs and drink at least 96 oz of water a day - I go through a whole box of the mix ins about every 4 days. At least it helps me to drink a lot more water!

6. Have you ever heard of pregnancy amnesia. Well, what about post-pregnancy amnesia. I seriously feel like I have lost my mind since basically getting pregnant. I am so forgetful all the time. I will remember getting some pills out to take, and then like 5 minutes later I can't remember if I have taken them or not. Or - I will set my camera somewhere and a minute later I can't find out. It is like this with everything. I have become the most forgetful person!

Ok - there you go - there are some things about ME. I will TAG the following:
1. Lindsay Ream
2. Jessica Lambert
3. Katie Miller
4. Erika Hanks
5. Jen Petty


Erika Hanks said...

Hmmm....I better start thinking for my tag.....Your's were cute.
Hope little Lancer is feeling better!

youngfam said...

Cute, it's fun to read!
I completely agree with the post pregnancy amnesia... It is a big problem for me. For example i went to the store to get batteries... came back with some random impulse buys and NO BATTERIES! AHHHH!!

Wallin Family said...

I don't think that the pregnancy amnesia gets better. In fact, if you ask Jordan, it gets worse with each baby. I have seriously lost my mind. Hopefully it will find me soon.

Jen Petty said...

I didn't know you played the guitar. Next up to learn... "A nose is a nose!" Ha Ha. I love Law and Order too. Way to go with the tiles. They are super cute. Good Luck. You and Eric. He hates plain water too!

Alysha said...

Why is a baby sleeping the sweetest thing ever? You work so hard to get them to sleep but then all you want to do is wake them up! I am so with you on the crystal light-have you tried raspberry lemonade-it's my favorite. :)

emily said...

The pregnancy amnesia is SO REAL! I call my Mom all the time with stories on how I am losing my mind. The most recent was I was at Costco. I put all my groceries in the car, and went to drive away, and realized that I didn't have my purse. Pretty sure I left it in the shopping cart! Whoops! I guess we are never the same, huh?


you guys are so cute we will be up in salt lake i think the 21-23 thats it talk soon

Abi said...

Katie it is called nursing . . . your brain gets sucked out as well. I use to remember everything. Not so much now! Cute tiles by the way!

Vic and Lindsay said...

Loved reading your post. I will try to come up with six things about me. Yikes!