Friday, March 19, 2010

Lost & Found!

Yesterday I was at the passport office with my kids. Tallie started fussing, and so I went to get her out of her carseat when I felt something lumpy under her seat. I stuck my hand in and to my surprise pulled ou ALL of the following items...

To recap:
a horse
a bull
2 handy mandy tools
2 finger puppets
1 pack of gum
1 pack of tic tacs
1 bow
1 tube of mascara
and finally last but not least, 4 visiting teaching cards... from December 2009! OOPS!?!

So yes, all of these items were in some way smashed under the padding of her car seat.

The funniest part about this...

I have never seen the toys before, so if you are my friend and are missing 2 toy stuffed animals, 2 finger puppets, and 2 handy mandy tools, let me know and I'll send them your way!!!