Monday, March 8, 2010

Snowmen and Moose!

Yes folks, it is that time of year again, the time where I drag my hubby up the canyon to look for Moose! Yes, he grew up in Park City and had families of Moose living in his backyard so he thinks this is absolutely ridiculous but I think it is super fun! Here are two we saw on Saturday!

And here are two I saw with my dad last week on a short trip up Parleys.

I am happy that I have a cute hubby who likes to come home on his lunch break to hurry and build a snowman with Lance. I absolutely despise the cold - yes living in California and Arizona for four years did that to me - so I am happy Speen likes to play in the snow with the Goose! This snowman is from the short storm we had last week.

And this is the 9 foot snowman Speen and Lance built on Saturday in 50 degree weather! It was hilarious, it took up all the snow from our yard and by the end of the day all the snow on our entire street had melted and then you see this 9 foot snowman, it was pretty sweet!
Shows how big it was next to little Tallie!

And finally Speen and Lance showing their excitement over their creation!

Good work boys!


Ashlee Swensen said...

I love it! Thst is just like Speen when he does something he does it the best. You can come build snowmen in my yard anytime.

Sam and Jess said...

you weren't kidding about the giant snowman. ha ha love it!!! Thanks so much for being such a great fun going to dinner tonight and just having girl time with two of my best friends. Lets do it again (April 20th if not sooner :))

Lindsay said...

Those are some serious snowmen! Way to go guys! Cute Cute pictures!

Melissa said...

What a cute husband! Seriously. That snowman is awesome. And so is your moose hunting.