Saturday, January 8, 2011

December 22!

We always look forward to December 22nd.  It is the night that we do our Christmas Eve dinner and traditions with the Taggart family. 

We have a lovely dinner that Jane makes! 

Then we all get to share a talent!  Ammon is new to the family this year, and really went all out with his talent - he blew up a surgical glove on his head!  Very entertaining! 

Spence and I did a duet to "Take It Easy" by the Eagles! 

This could possibly be one of my favorite pictures of the Holiday season.  Ammon is so funny.  Every year we give a "Gift to Jesus" which is something we want to work on the following year.  We write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a box, and then wrap it up and put it at the bottom of our stockings.  Well, look what Ammon found in his box at the bottom of his stocking this year.  So funny! 

Then we do our secret partner gift exchange.  Lorin was a big fan of his "viagra" pen! 

And speaking of Lorin, he definitely went all out on the gag gifts this year.  I joked around when we drew names this year and said I wanted a calendar, and Lorin said he would make me a calendar of pictures all of him, and sure enough, there it is.  So funny! 

What a wonderful evening, thanks Jane and Paul for such a fun night! 

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