Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turned the big 60 this year and he just wanted a BBQ with his family for his birthday!  

Spence and Pres waiting for the festivities to begin! 

My little Tootles, and can I just saw that the corn salad behind her is delicious!  Is it summer again yet!?  I want that salad, lol! 

My dad's turn for heavy, heavy hangover! 

Every time Lance wore his plain t-shirts with a single pocked my dad would just rave about how great his shirts were!  It must have brought back some sort of nostalgia for his younger years!  So, Lance gave Papa some one pocketed tees like his!  

Me with my grandma and my "aunt janet!" And by the way, Janet would kill me for saying this but she just turned 70, and she looks AMAZING!  

My grandma is definitely the baby whisperer!  

My dad is a twin so he and his sister Kaye and their mom and their 60th birthday!  

My dad's friend made him this little poster and put it in his yard!  

Happy Birthday to my wonderful dad!  He is incredibly thoughtful and caring and always looks out for everyone around him.  I am so grateful to have you as my dad!  

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