Wednesday, December 5, 2012

July Random

My cousin Ashley who lives in New York came out in July to visit and it was super fun getting together with her kids one day.  We both have three kids pretty close in age.  I wished they lived closer!  

Here is my grandma with Presley & Luke! 

And a group shot of all of us! 

Tallie enjoyed her first and only haircut! 

Seriously I can't get enough of this little p! 

In July we had the first rainstorm we had in a long time and the kids were loving playing in the rain! 

Tallie saying "I can't believe it decided to rain!" 

Spence facetime-ing his orthodontist in California for a check up!  I thought this picture was hilarious! 

There are free concerts during the summer in downtown SLC.  We had a blast! 

Loved the farmer's market at Gardner Village! 

Driving home from swimming all three kids fell asleep - SUCCESS!

Took Presley with me into a follow up appointment with my doctor and unfortunately he had to leave to go deliver a baby so we were stuck hanging out for over an hour!  

We made the best of it!  

Feeding the ducks at Sugarhouse Park! 

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