Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pleasant Grove baby!

Took the kiddies down to Pleasant Grove to see the animals, watched the horses get shoed, play on the hay and tractors and go for a horse ride with Papa!  

Papa had fun explaining to Tallie how the horses got shoed! 

So many fun things to do at the farm - first stop, climbing on the bales of hay! 

Second, they headed to the tractors! 

I looked over and caught this cute moment between my mom and the little p! 

Lance and Tallie with the farm in the background! 

 I love this cute candid photo of Tallie laughing in the weeds! 

Lance climbing on the fences and checking out the horses! 

Giving the horsey a pat! 

Off for a ride!  Tallie is such a poser! 

Another cute candid moment of my mom with Lance.  Yeah, she really is the cutest grandma! 

More horse riding pictures! 

My dad loves his horses! 

And finally I love this picture, because we were all posing and the horse made a sound and Presley looked over and was in awe!  I love little p's face, what a cutie!  

And the night even got better when we stopped off for dinner at The Purple Turtle and my mom whipped out a home grown tomato and a knife to add to all of our burgers, lol!  Gotta love jojo!  

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