Sunday, December 23, 2012

August Random!

We did so many fun and random things this August.  

Sleepovers up in Midway.  Love these three little munchkins.  

Playdates at the park!  

Look at that happy smile!  

I took one of Spencer's friends from Thunderbird who was in town for an interview to the Temple with all the kids.  He had never been to Utah so we took a tour of the Conference Center, the Temple grounds and some of the museums.  It was very hot, a bit wild, but we had a good time!  

Sleepover and hiking up in Midway with the Walkers! 

Lots of rides on the scooter!  

Jammie twinners!  

He is crazy about this little one! 

Just loved this pic of Tallie hanging on her daddy while he was working! 

At 5 months, Presley had her first taste of rice cereal!  Lance did the honors and gave her the first bite!  

Supporting Chick Filet Appreciation Day! 

Swings at the park after dad's work! 

I was so excited that I made my first skirt!  I tried to make it look western for Tallie to wear to the rodeo.  I loved it... until I woke up the next morning and realized it was actually quite ugly, lol!  Oh and about 3x too big for Tallie.  So, she never wore it but it was still fun making it! 

Finger paints and water balloons in the backyard! 

Like I said, her nickname was "the snooze!" 

Trip to the Zoo with Jojo!  Presley's first train ride! 

How cute is my mom riding the carousel with the kids! 

More park playdates! 

Front row to Wicked with my mom!  Her neighbor bought too many tickets and we lucked out! 

Swimming with friends! 

Chub o' love! 

Um, doesn't your mom serve cheese balls on a platter!?! 

Don't mind if Tootles enjoys her cheesball hot dog! 

My favorite summer salad!  Beets, corn, tomatoes, basil, feta, fresh lemon and pepper! 

Cutest sleeping face! 

Painting nails with my gal!  

My friend Marti came into town to bless her baby!  It is so fun to have girls a month apart and to be able to be apart of Adelaide's special blessing day.  

 Came home from my early morning work out class and Spence was in the shower and Tallie was feeding P a bottle, too cute!

 The three amigas!

My friend Jen came into town for her sister's wedding and happened to stay 1/2 mile away from us.  It was so fun to go on a walk with her one night and meet her new little baby, Sophie!  Look at all that darling hair!

GNO with these lovely ladies, plus matching tats!

The little p is loving her first time in the sling!

Yes my mom made this delicious meal and I am still dreaming about it 5 months later!

And finally Lance loves Home Alone and has taken a liking to booby trapping the house!

We definitely enjoyed a wonderful summer!  Summer - come back soon! ;) 

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