Thursday, January 10, 2013

School Starts!

Another September, another year of school!  

Lance started at Canyon Prep Academy right up the street at my house.  Because Lance is a July birthday, I decided to do a 3rd year of Preschool and make him the oldest in his class.  Canyon Rim has been a perfect fit for Lance.  The teachers are amazing, full of love, always doing creative things.  He has really enjoyed it so far!  

And my little tootles!  She is so loving and sweet and dramatic and throws daily tantrums, so I decided that she would go to a 2 year old preschool this year!  And truthfully it has been the best decision.  She loves Miss Shannon her teacher at Guided Exploration.  I co op in the class every month and it is really fun to see how Tallie acts in a classroom.  She is a social butterfly and would go to school every day if I would let her!  

Cracking up that her backpack is as big as she is! 

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