Tuesday, January 29, 2013

October Random!

 In October we cleaned out the garden and restocked it with manure for the next year!  Good ole Speen doing the dirty work!  

Here is some of the loot; tomatillos, green peppers, tomatoes and a whole lotta carrots!  I actually ended up boiling the carrots and blending them up into baby food!  

 "What's up Doc!??" 

Lance got out his tonsils mid-October.  I had thought he needed them out for about a year.  A year ago he started snoring very loudly - so loud we could hear him down the hall.  So, I decided I would get them out after the New Year when my deductible started over cause I knew I would meet it since I was having a baby.  Well, here comes January and magically he stops snoring!  When I took him to the doctor in July he told me his tonsils were very large and that I should take him to see an ENT.  I went to the ENT 2x, but since Lance still wasn't snoring much and I didn't notice any sleep apnea, the ENT said it was my decision. I was undecided on whether or not we should get them out.  The ENT said they would need to come out eventually but he needed me to feel comfortable with it.  I was just kind of nervous.  

Fast forward a couple months - there is a lady in my ward who works for my ENT.  We were sitting on the couch together during church (the Sunday before Fall break) when I randomly turned to Tammy and said "can you get Lance in on Wednesday to get his tonsils out?'  This was 4 days before.  I just realized if he got it over Fall break he would miss less school.  Well, she worked her magic and Wednesday out came the tonsils - - - and while the doc was in there, out came the adenoids too!  Lance did great.  It is tough surgery and it is sad to see your child in pain, but he was back to normal in about 10 days.  It was funny cause they said Lance would probably want to sleep a lot,  especially the day he got his tonsil out - leftover anesthesia - and he didn't nap for one second, nor did he nap for 3 days after that!  I let him play/watch electronics all day and I think he was too excited about that he didn't have time for sleep!  My little mr. electronic man!  

Anyway - I have to say getting out Lance's tonsils was one of the best decisions we have made. He has turned a 180 since getting his tonsils out.  He is so much happier, a lot more crazy and wild and energetic (how boys should be!), sleeps better and eats a lot more!  I wonder if perhaps his tonsils were so big that they were causing him not to sleep well hence impeding other areas of his life.  So glad we got them out!  

I was also able to take family pictures for a cousin in October up at this really cool property in Midway.  Had her snap a quick pic of me and my babe!  

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