Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

We had a great Halloween!  Again, the weather was AMAZING, so it made the night really fun!  

I had to start out with a group shot of my cute kiddies, and again - I loved my porch with the freshly 
carved pumpkin from last night's Halloween party!  

Next we headed over to my parents to show them the kids in their Halloween costumes! 

Tallie, the little stinker!  

Lance was Lightning McQueen for Halloween!  And a cute one if I don't mind saying so myself! 

 Next we ventured over to Speen's parents house.  I thought this candid photo of Paul and Emily with the little p was so tender!  

Mimi & Tootles 

Aunt Abi looking pretty freaky as a crazy lady! 

Then after making my kids take a million pics, it was trick or treating time!  Yes, we started early - heck, we had people to see, places to go.... One lady was so rude, she was sitting on her porch and Tallie and Lance went up and tricker or treated and she yelled at them and said they could only come back when her light was on.  She also mentioned she was a teacher and hadn't had time to set up her candy bowl, we were too early.  Too bad I didn't ask her where she taught school, so I could make sure my kids didn't ever get her in the future! 

Meeting up with some friends! 

A quick visit to Grandma Thorne's to show her the kids outfits!  Plus my uncle lives a few doors up and was handing out king size stuff which was fun for them to get as well. 

Back to my parents to trick or treat a few more houses and to get one of my favorite things about Halloween - a chocolate donut!  I love that several of my parents neighbors save toys for some of the kids they know well.  Lance had a blast with these glasses and glow bands! 

 Hanging out with more buddies.  How cute are these siblings dressed up as Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach!  I love how my friend Sarah always coordinates her kids costumes!  

And finally, this was quite the story of the night.  We get all the kids loaded into the car and I can't find the keys anywhere for the life of me.  We search everywhere.  I search every inch of my car, my dad has out the lantern and we are back tracking the neighbors houses we went to.  Literally 45 minutes of four of us searching for my keys.  Finally I pull out Tallie's car seat and find my keys - however they were't my keys from earlier, it was my spare that I had no idea was hidden underneath Tallie's seat.  Such a miracle we found those.  Anyway, so I still don't know where my original keys are.  I get home, take off my cheerleading outfit, and what do I see in my undershirt.... Are you kidding me?  MY KEYS!!!!!  Wow, am I a blonde or what!??  

Other than that little hiccup, Halloween 2012 was a success!  

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