Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CR2 2nd annual GNO sleepover!

 We had our second annual girls ward sleepover up at the Pugsley's cabin in Woodsville.  This year, we had two cute little jammers join us!  

Wyatt 1 month (my friend Leslie's baby) & Presley, 8 months 
It is amazing how fast babies grow their first year, isn't it!? 

Oh the witches fingers!  My mom gets day old Great Harvest bread once a month that she gives out to people in her neighborhood and ward.  The day we were headed up to the cabin my mom got an entire box of Great Harvest witch fingers left over from Halloween.  I thought, how cute, I"ll bring them up to Alyson's cabin and give everyone a bag!  

Oh boy, I take them up there and the smell made Alyson and several others sick and they were kind of hard and stale and so they totally became the joke of the whole trip!  Tammy hid them in everyone's bags so when we were getting ready for bed that night we found them hidden in our bags.  The  night we got home from the cabin, Amy & I went around and put them on everyone's front porches, under their mats, in their milk boxes, etc.  Then the best, fast forward 2 months later, Kels gives me a Christmas present and inside are three witches fingers she had saved with a note that said "I witch you a  Merry Christmas!"  Oh such funny memories with the witch fingers! 

Being funny and trying on all the cowboy hats the Pugsley's have at their cabin!  

This years crew!  Love all you cute ladies!  xo 

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