Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow storm weekend part 1

days after that beautiful glorious warm Fall weather, a major storm rolled in and dumped a ton of snow.  Saturday, we had our friends come down and the dads built a sled hill that the kids could slide down, surf down, etc.  It made for a lot of Saturday fun!  

Tootles enjoying the snow!  

Owen & Tallie taking a ride on the sled! 

Lance trying a little surf on the sled! 

Lance & Ella's turn! 

Making snow angels!  

Perhaps Lance is more of a sun and warm loving person like his momma?  

Spence in the snow... like a kid in a candy shop!  That's what you get when you grow up in Park City, I guess!   

I had to grab a photo of all the snow clothes draped on the railing!  

Up next... movie time! 

Found these two little trouble makers jumping in Presley's bed!  

I will have to say that for the first major storm of the Utah, I give it an A+!

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