Monday, February 4, 2013

 Day 2 of the snow weekend was a blast as well.  Spence wanted to turn the little sled hill into an igloo, so he did!  Here is Tootles standing in the entrance!  

Lance jumping into the sea of powder! 

Little p's first time in the snow!  She looks quite content!  

Um so problem... when I bought Presley's snow pants last year on clearance for 50 cents, I wasn't really thinking about what she would do for boots... hmmm... elastic the bottoms?!? 

Ella & Tallie - 2 little buddies! 

Little p having a blast! 

Lance found his way to the tramp!  Crossing our fingers our tramp doesn't collapse under all the snow we have had this season!  

Igloo Pics!  

Pres with our neighbors Maddie & Lizzie inside the igloo! 

Some of the igloo helpers! 

Back to sledding!  Igloo on the inside, sledding hill on the outside!  Tallie was excited!  

Owen is a great skateboarder, so naturally he skated with ease down the sledding hill! 

 Spencer truthfully is the best dad! I think he spent 5 hours straight out in the snow, sledding with the kids, building the igloo and playing in the snow!  We love our daddy and are grateful for fun times in the snow!  

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