Monday, February 18, 2013

Temple Square Lights!

We headed down to see the lights at Temple Square with the fam one night!  It was a blast! 

The little P all bundled out! 

Tallie in awe of the lights all around her! 

 Me & my Goose! 

It was so cool to see Presley's excitement to all the lights!!  She kept giggling and laughing, it was adorable! 

The lighting was weird in the picture, so I changed it to black & white and it turned out great!  This picture captures perfectly her excitement this evening! 

A cool picture I took that night! 

Yay for the lights! 

Hmmm... I guess when Lance is hiding under the stroller and Tallie ends up in the carseat, it means, they are spent!  

Lovely time with my lovely family!  

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