Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HS Friends reunited!

Over the Christmas break, my friend Kristine, who was in town visiting from California, sent out a text to see if anyone wanted to have a play date at her parents house.  Randomly and luckily everyone with kids could come!  I guess the key to getting everyone together is throwing it together last minute!  

Here is a picture of the kids when we got there.... (everyone happy and content!) 

A group pic of my girlfriends!  Love these girls!  

Amy showed up with her two girls and Kristine's son got home so we tried to do a picture of ALL the kids and didn't go as well the 2nd time around!  

It's crazy - out of all my high school friends with kids, there are 3 boys and 14 girls!!!  

Allie & Annie 

Erica & Alex 

Kristine with Amelia & Jonathan 

Amy with Sammie & Millie 

Lindsay & Haven (with 2 of her girls not pictured and another baby girl due in May!) 

Jessica with Ella & Vivienne 

Rebekah with Kameron, Hailey & Marissa 

And me with Lance, Tallie & Presley 

It was so much fun getting together with all my lovely ladies and their adorable kiddos!  

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