Tuesday, February 19, 2013

December Random!

Here is a look at our random December!  

Oh she's cute! 

Tried straightening Tallie's hair one day and although it was fun I think her curls fit her a lot better! 

Little p loves to constantly stick out her tongue! 

P learning to be mobile... 

Starting out with an updog!  

Now a downward dog! 

 Now onto a traditional plank!  

Loves playing airplane with mommy!  

Um, she wore this beautiful dress to church one Sunday, and seriously does it get any cuter!?? 

Pres enjoying her new found mobility, although the first few weeks she only  knew how to go backwards and got stuck under my bed! 

Daddy getting his snowman on!  

Kiddies decked out in their Christmas outfits!  

Dave our best friend and Speen's orthodontist (from California) in town for Christmas and making house calls for ortho follow up!  What a stud!   

One of my favorite parts of the month was getting to see this FABULOUS family!  Some of our very best friends from grad school who sadly live in Australia now!  It was soooo good to see them.  I have missed them so much!  Their kids are so beautiful and we are hoping to make it out to visit them a year from now! 

Spence totally missed jamming with this guy! 

Riding bikes in the church gym! (yes Spence totally butchered Lance's hair!) 

Tallie's first time on a bike, and she was CRUISING!  Totally a biking natural!  

And finally, we had lost contact with this guy for several years.  Spence and Ryan were mission buddies together, and it was fun to catch up with him after not seeing him for several years.  Blog readers - I would encourage you to look closely at this young man, cause it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he ended up being President of the United States one day, and for the record he has already promised me that I can be the White House activity coordinator!  

Totally a random and wonderful December!  

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Rachel said...

Love little P's yoga poses! Hilarious! Your kids are so darling and they are growing up so fast!