Monday, February 18, 2013

Adult Taggart Christmas!

We always celebrate Christmas with the Taggart's early.  It is an adult only party and it is so much fun! It is definitely something to look forward to!  

First off, the wonderful, delicious dinner!  

Kelli & Lorin 

After dinner, we read the Christmas story in the New Testament and do a family sing a long! Then, we do a talent show, where everyone has to do a talent.  Spence and I usually do some sort of duet that involves singing a guitar or piano.  This year Sam shared his talent of selling alarm systems and gave us the entire pitch.  If I'm being honest, it took a little bit of the Christmas spirit out of the night, but I will say he is good at selling alarms! 

Next up is writing down our Gift to Jesus, which is one thing we are going to work on doing the next year.  We put it in a box and wrap it up and keep it at the bottom of our stocking until the next year!  

The beautiful and wonderful host and hostess! 

We end the night with a secret partner exchange.  Before we get to the exchange we have about a billion gag gifts!  

Emily & Kelli did a pinata this year that was full of elastics and cheese balls... 

Spence was gifted this beautiful golf ball creation from Lorin.  Lorin also gave me a great gag gift, but it is too inapropriate to post, lol! 

Our gag gift to Abi & Ammon! 

And probably one of the best gifts of the night.  This was Sophie's secret partner gift to Katie.  She painted that picture (Sophie is only 8) for Katie since Katie said for Christmas she wanted something for her walls!  She got the picture professionally framed.  It was a neat moment! 

Abi gave me a camera and a guitar strap.  Just what I wanted, wish I had taken a picture of it.  

It was such a fun night.  Love these crazy Taggart's, and I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and fun family!  

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