Monday, February 18, 2013

Taggart kids party!

Because our main Christmas party with the Taggart's is adults only, Jane decided to throw a kids party this year.  

We started the night with dinner at Chuck A Rama!   Not my fav, but it is definitely a great place to go with the kids!  

Then we headed to Mimi & Papa's for fun and presents.  Santa even came.... 

Although it didn't take this smarty pants long to realize it wasn't the real Santa, it was actually Papa!  

Presley enjoyed Santa, wasn't scared at all, more intrigued! 

Em & Pres 

Mimi playing a cute game with the kids where they would take a ball of yarn and throw it to someone and then say why they liked that person, then they would hold on to a piece of the yarn, throw it, etc until everyone was holding a piece of the yarn.  The kids loved it! 

Then each kid was giving their Christmas present, which was fun to do it a couple days early!  Lance got a Jake & The Neverland Pirate toy.  

Pres got some formula and here she is trying out yogurt for the first time! 

And Tallie got a mini trampoline! 

Tallie & Chloe are best little buddies and cousins! 

Another fun night! 

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