Monday, February 4, 2013

November 13 - Dooms Day!

Oh baby, November 13 was the painful day I got those nasty tonsils yanked from the back of my throat.  I have had what's referred to as "tonsil stones" for a while, and so I wanted to get them taken out.  The deductible was met, so out went the tonsils!  

Here I am all draped out in the garb ready for go-time! 

 My neighbor and friend Justin was my doctor, so he came in and just hung out with Spence and I.  The other benefit of having your friend take your tonsils out - he takes your cell phone into the surgery to picture document the process!  

Getting put under anesthesia!  

A picture of Justin yanking out the tonsils!  

 Coming out of anesthesia... the first thing I said "wow, now I get why Michael Jackson got put under every time he went to sleep!"  Now I know what Michael liked Propofol, lol!  It was so relaxing.  I wanted to go back under for a good nap, lol!  Hence, the reason for my smile!  

Warning - do not look if you don't want to see super nasty tonsils!  If you look closely you can see all the holes in my tonsils where the tonsils stones would be.  The other tonsil is all nasty and gross which is probably why I got a lot of colds.  Justin said upon seeing my tonsils once they were out, I definitely made the right decision to get them out!  

And finally, me and the good doc!  

Thanks for a job well done Justin, you are the best!  

Note:  I am still smiling here because I was doped up on heavy painkillers and anesthesia.  In a word - tonsillectomy is misery.  Holy crap, the worst pain you can imagine.  It is so awkward having it in your throat, cause it is soooo hard so swallow.  It took 3 days to drink on slurpee.  I would pool my saliava in my cheek so I wouldn't have to swallow it.  I hate taking pills and if I didn't take percocet every 4 hours I would be bawling in pain.  I am happy I ended up doing it, and heck, I am grateful for the 8lb weight loss I had, but those 10 days were pretty painful and horrendous!  So glad its in the past!  

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