Saturday, January 26, 2013

September Random

September proved to be another fun month!  

Here is Spence in his element teaching about social media at an event.  

Oh hello little deer!  Spence saw this out his work window! 

Loved this adorable hat for the little p! 

When mommy goes out of town daddy spoils Tallie with donuts as big as she is! 

It is so fun to live so close to so many fun trails.  Here is Speen riding up Emigration Canyon one morning before work.  

Golfing double date! 

 And this lovely chica was on a golf scholarship in college!  She's amazing! 

We attended Willa's Fairy Festival that my friend puts on to honor her daughter who passed away and to raise money for a different charity every year.  They encourage all the kids to dress up.  It was a very neat event.  

Yay these two cute lovebirds finally tied the knot.  Woot woot!  

Pam and I at the reception up in Midway! 

Can't get enough of this sweetie! 

 For Young Women's one night we went and looked at all the prophets tombstones.  Kels & I with Pres. Hinckley's tombstone.  

Our cousin Claire was diagnosed with leukemia about 15 months ago.  She is so amazing and has been such a fighter.  I cannot imagine all of the pain and hardship she has gone through the past year, but she always has such a good attitude and just perserveres on through.  She is doing really well and things look good.  Sometime in September our family participated in the cure walk for cancer on Team Claire.  It was incredible to see all the people who came out to walk for Team Claire.  Keep on fighting Claire, we know you can kick cancer's butt!  

Don't mind if I take time to snap a quick photo with Captain Jack.  What can I say?  I am attracted to guy liner! 

Ah yeah, that's my little p sitting up at 6 months!  (first started sitting up about 5 1/2 months!) 

 My mother in law helped me complete a project I have wanted to do for a while.  Improve the dresser in the little p's room.  I LOVE how it turned out! 

Oh how I love Lance's preschool!  They made this cute little baker hat for "C" day!  

Super fun date night with these two up to Park City, hiking on private property, and dinner on Main Street!  

Game night at my mom's... Spence won the hula hoop contest! 

One night we were swimming at Spencer's parents condo and before long everyone had jumped in, clothes and all, such a fun family! 

Lance loves Angry Birds and had a blast with his Angry Bird game! 

Dinner with the cousins!  

Got this cool little picture made for my Goose out of recycled license plates! 

 I co-op at Tallie's preschool once a month.  It is fun to see her interact with everyone and just soar in this environment.

 Tallie plays so hard and refuses to nap, so she must have been tired when I found her like this one day...

... and like this that same night.... 

Cute little bald baby who went through a stage where she loved sticking out her tongue all day!  

Falling asleep in the bouncer! 

Fun trip to the zoo with Pam!  We were able to hit up the train the day before it closed for 18 months! 

We had fun dying some tie dye shirts!  

Such a beautiful, warm, perfect September!  I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place and am grateful fro my wonderful little family!  

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