Sunday, January 27, 2013

The yellow party!

For this little diva's 3rd birthday, she wanted a yellow party cause yellow is her "favorite color!"  So, I present you with the yellow party!  

The friends were encouraged to wear yellow!  

We played a bunch of games.  

Duck, duck goose!  

Red light, green light! 

Red rover! 

Then it was time for a yellow dinner! 

Yellow pancakes, corn, bananas, and pineapple! 

Then it was craft time - - - wands and crowns! 

Yellow cake! 

I think Tessa may have beat Tallie to blowing out the candles! 

Of course, tramp time! 

And lastly, I was going to let the kids all paint a pumpkin from our patch, but to avoid a mess, instead Spence played a pumpkin game with the kids.  

Every kid went home with their pumpkin and a little bag full of yellow goodies! I was so happy that the weather was nice enough to do the party outside.  It turned out to be a fun party for my yellow loving Tootles! 

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