Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lance's Baby Blessing!

Well, we finally blessed our cute adorable little guy! We wanted to wait until our families could be with us, so we ended up blessing Lance at my parents house on Sunday, December 23. It was amazing. Spence's sister and brother sang and played the guitar to "A Child's Prayer" and Spence gave a beautiful blessing.

Looking back at 2007 - it definitely had its ups and downs. We had a ton of changes, some good, some hard, some happy, some sad. But by far our biggest blessing was dear Lance becoming a part of our family. It is incredible the amount of love and joy a baby can bring to your life. I didn't know you could love someone so much and so fast. He is the sweetest little guy and we are so grateful for him.

Here are some pictures from his big day!

The Darling Fam!

My brother Jonathan and his wife Kelli made it to the blessing about 30 minutes before it started. They were supposed to get in the day before but were delayed in Chicago, we were so happy they made it.

Spence's dad was so excited that we had the first "Taggart Boy" to carry on the Taggart name. Here is the three generation picture! What handsome guys!

Here is us with my parents - Grandpa and Jojo! My mom, as always, went the extra mile and made a wonderful lunch for after the blessing.

Here is Spencer's Nana with Lance and Allie. Allie is Spencer's sister Kelli's baby who is 2 months younger than Lance. Isn't she a doll, and WOW - that dress she is wearing is adorable. We were so happy to have babies the same age, they will be best cousins!


Leeshie Lou said...

Y'all look SO DARLING!!! You are such a cute lil family!

Jonna & Eric said...

we did the same with taylor...waited until now so we could have family...lance is precious!

The Brown Team said...

Wow- what an incredible day to be a part of. Spencer you gave such a beautiful blessing I truly felt you were a mouth piece for the Lord. Lance will do great things with you two helping him see his potential.

and you must say those are the two cutest babies around!!! They will be bestest cousins.

love you millions Kell

Abi said...

I love the blessing day. It is so wonderful. What a fun Christmas you had!!
And have fun on your trips!!