Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Parties Galore!

We had a spectacular December with lots of festive outings and Christmas Parties. I have to admit, as I have said a million times, I LOVE AZ! I didn't even miss the snow one bit. Partly, because I just love warmth, bring on the heat baby, and secondly because we were going to be in Utah for 5+ weeks, so I would get my fair share of it when I got there. Mid-December we went to see the Christmas lights at the Mesa, AZ temple with a bunch of friends from Thunderbird. Not quite as decked out as Temple Square, but quite impressive. Plus, not as cold! Now when you look at Lance, does the phrase "I can't get my arms out" from A Christmas Story come to mind or what?!?

We had a super fun Christmas party with all of our AZ friends. It was a white elephant potluck party. I think Spence and I definitely came away with great gifts - a $5 gift card to Blockbuster, popcorn, and some country game. The highlight of the night came when Erika gave a set of knives as her white elephant gift; when the couple who got it opened it, they found a congratulations card inside for Erika and Ty. It had been a wedding gift to them, and they had never even opened it. It was pretty hillarious. Unfortunately, about an hour after the party, Lance got the flu. It was so hard to see my baby sick and thowing up... seriously, it was the saddest thing. However, Lance is a trooper and got better fast and is now back to his happy healthy self!

Once we got to Utah, we got together with some of our college friends at Erika's house. Lance and I loved our twinner outfit!

Here is the gang = Katie and Chris Miller, Erika and Ty Hanks, Ryan and Anne Terry, Joel and Mollie Diamond, and Katie, Spence and Lance Taggart.

This picture was taken at a family Christmas party. This year they had kareoke. Spence and his sister Kelli sang "Mary did you know" - they sound amazing. They sang it together at our ward Christmas party last year, and it was fun to hear them sing it again.

Yeah for a fun December!

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Jonna & Eric said...

your december sounds like ours...busy, busy..i can't believe how long you guys are going to be away from! good luck in egypt...we can't wait to hear the fun. let us know when you are back.