Thursday, June 2, 2011

Preschool Spring Sing!

Lance had his preschool Spring Sing sometime the end of April.  Out of all the performances they have had at his preschool this year, I would definitely say this was the best one! 

Here is Lance's little fan club!  I love how excited Spence is watching him sing!

Lance has never been a big singer, and he is a bit quiet in public places, but I must say he did a pretty good job participating!

In his costume for the last song!

Favorite part of the night - Lance and his class is performing, and Tallie decided she wants in on the action.  She runs up to the front, right next to Lance and starts dancing around to the music.  Tallie will be our little performer I guess!

I love how supportive my parents are.  Lance is so lucky to have such great and supportive grandparents!

So funny story:  Like I said, Lance is pretty quiet.  During this performance they had him on the end, and he didn't sing very loud.  Well, I guess they learned their lesson.  I went to his carnival last week, and his class dressed up as elephants and sang a song.  Well, they put Lance right in the middle, right next to Lucy - you know that girl, who sings louder than everyone combined?  Well, I kid you not, Lance was trying to sing as loud as Lucy!  His little face was bright red from trying to keep up with her, it was so funny.  After they were done, I went up to Lance's teacher and said "so, I guess you figured out how to get Lance to sing loud, just put him next to Lucy!"  And she said "during practices we would tell Lance she was beating him and he would need to sing louder!"

So classic, I loved it!  Lance, I am proud of you buddy for doing great your first year of preschool!  Love you my little Lance Goose!

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erica said...

I have no idea how Lance is quiet in public places with you and Spence for parents!