Thursday, June 2, 2011

A trip to remember!

So the idea was first hatched in March when Leslie had booked a non-refundable flight to AZ to visit some friends.  Well, unfortunately her friends got a job transfer to Colorado, so Leslie had no one to go and visit in AZ, so she recruited some of our friends and we planned a little girls trip down to the valley of the Sun for Mid-May!

From the time we planned the trip, to the time it happened, one of our dearest friends found out that they were moving to Kansas, so this trip also ended up being a great way to have one last hurrah with Kristin! 

Sadly, because of frequent flier miles, none of us were on the same flight going of coming!  Leslie got in on time, but me and Kristin's flights were delayed due to lightening storms, so here is Leslie flipping us off when we arrived because she was starving to death and had waited for us for 90 minutes at the car rental place.  JUST KIDDING, Leslie wouldn't do that!  She was yelling "get me to a restuarant!"  Love ya Les, and no your are NOT the grumpy one! ;) 

Since it was about 11pm once we picked up Brenda at her posh hotel, I got on my trusty iphone (that I am pretty sure after this trip I have now convinced Kristin and Leslie to both get one), and looked for open restaurants.  Well, it ended up being either "Chicken & Waffles" or this pizza joint.  I have to admit, I am salivating at the mouth just thinking of the pizza I had here.  I was either extremely hungry, or it was the best pizza I have ever eaten! 

Well, friday morning we were lovingly awakened to the sound of a fire alarm!  What are the chances?  The first morning we didn't have to wake up to kids and had nothing to get up to, and our hotel has not one but two fire alarms!  It was so dang funny, I could not stop laughing.

At least it made us get to the pool earlier for some sun!  Hmmm, we must be friends, pink and white suits!??

We spent the day shopping at Fashion Square and of course the always reliable and enjoyable Last Chance, then off to a movie, Something Borrowed, which we all agreed was horrible!  DEX IS A LOSER!

Here we are posing with our dope rental car - oh yeah baby, the cop car, the white Grand Marquis!

Dinner at the oh so fabulous Oreganos!  Well everything was fabulous but that lettuce pizza.... j/k Kristin, love ya!

Here is my comment card to the hotel....

And for fun, here is the employee that didn't want his picture on facebook!  LOL!

And then a late night soak in the hot tub!  "It wasn't good for the baby!"  ;)

Leslie sporting her snazzy ear plugs!  Well, at least she got a good nights sleep!

Saturday morning we were up and at it - hiking Camelback Mountain, which is a fabulous hike!

We made it up to the top in 44 minutes, thanks to these two iron ladies!  They are amazing.

Posing up top!

We had my iphone playing some lovely beats on the way up, and these Marines said they wanted to hike down with us because they liked our music.  Whatever -  we totally got off the trail on the way down, and we were grateful the Marines were with us!  So naturally we had to take a picture with them!

After freshening up, we headed to ? some famous LA cupcake place.  I have to say I am still dreaming about the cupcake I got there, it was fabulous!

We shopped till we dropped at the Arizon Mills outlet center!  I love and miss that place!  I swear this lady was high on helium (she was the balloon selling lady), but she was totally taking the picture side ways, it was weird, so I asked her to take another one, but 'even' this time.  We could not stop laughing!

Aah, much better!

And just because we are cool that way, we liked to ride all three of us up front, oh yeah baby!

Dinner at some sushi joint!  Where Leslie started to "feel numb!"  LOL!

And yes Kristin, this picture is definitely cute enough for a fb profile!

Excuse me, would you like some asparagus with your sushi???????

I was talking to my aunt the other day about our girls trip, and she said that she went on one, and it was just not very fun, kind of uncomfortable, everyone liked to do different things, etc.  I just have to say, wow, I love these girls so much.  I thought it was the perfect trip, no drama, just pure fun, friendship, food, and non stop laughing the entire weekend!  Love you girls, thanks for an incredible trip to remember!


Melissa said...

So much fun! And yes Camelback is an amazing hike and Oregano's is the most delicious joint around. It made me want to go visit AZ. I am now totally craving it!


Oh yeah we totally love Arizona!!! And thats what you get for leaving me to search for crumbs in my purse for an hour and a half!!!

Lindsay said...

SOOO fun, looks like a blast! How the heck are you so dang skinny - you look AMAZING! I only wish that I could ever look like you after two children. Wow! Go Katie! And all your pictures from your Taggart trip were so fun! Looks like you all had a great time. What a fun family!

Kristin said...

that was THE best girls trip!! I could not stop laughing and the company of you girls was just perfect!! I cannot express how much I am going to miss you guys!! love you so much!!