Wednesday, June 1, 2011

St. George Part 1

We headed down to St. George the end of April for a long weekend with Spencer's entire family.  It was a blast.  The first time the family had been together in several years!  It wasn't very warm while we were there, I think the high was 70, but since it was snowing up in Salt Lake that weekend, we were very pleased with 70!

The first couple days we were able to fit in some fun swimming time!  Anything felt warm compared to the 40's and 50's we were used to!

Tallie getting her swim on! 

The bathing beauties - Emily and Katie B. 

Cute Lance loved the kid pool!  He could have hung out there all day!  Sad story, he was the only kid in the pool, and a bee flew right into the pool and stung him on the thumb.  I had to pull the stinger out of his finger!  But Mimi saved the day, by telling everyone that she gives one dollar to anyone that gets stung by a bee!  Lance felt pretty cool... and rich with his dollar! 

Cute cousin Allie and Lance's 'best cousin!' 

Love all these blonde kids eating lunch!

Dive Time Baby!!! 

Auntie Em getting in a good flip! 

Uncle Sam with the "Peter Pan!"

Lindi, 7 - doing her split jump!

Lorin and his cannon ball!

Miss Tootles sunbathing in the kid pool~

Me soaking up some rays! 

Finishing up Day 1 relaxing and getting ready for games! 

The "besties" ending the night with some bubbles! 

How cute are these two? 

Swimming Day 2!  We found a smaller pool, that was a lot easier to contain all the kids! 

Tallie did not like being contained... lol! 

How do you watch a movie during quiet time when your "mr. cool?"  Well, with your shades on of course! 

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