Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve

We decided to act out the nativity Christmas eve morning!  Tallie was supposed to be the Angel, hence dressed in white, but when she saw the ski pole, she wanted to be a Shepherd with Lance!  So, here are my two Shepherds! 

Quick costume change, and here are the three wiseman! 

Delivering the gifts to Mary and Baby Jesus! 

It was cute, Tallie kept wanting cake on Jesus's Birthday, lol!

Christmas Eve afternoon Spencer's parents came over to give Lance and Tallie a present!  

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents.  And we even decided to sleep over since we stay up late playing Bingo and watching movies.  It was a really fun night!  Lance totally made Christmas this year, he was so much fun and so excited about everything! 

Here is my mom's beautiful table!

I think Lance ate like two bites of his roll, then went and sat on the couch because he was "waiting for Bingo to start!"  He was so excited to play, he couldn't even eat! 

My mom is such a great cook and always prepares the best meals!

My mom also does a nut in the pudding (creme brulet) and this year Lance got it.  It is worth $35.  Well, considering Lance gets a dollar for every 50 jobs he does, this kid was going nuts.  He had never seen this much money.  He was throwing it in the air, and dancing with it, it was the cutest thing ever! 

A family Christmas picture.  Yes, that's my big big belly at only 6 months pregnant.  And no I am not fishing for compliments, so please don't leave a comment on how great I look, cause let's be honest, I'm huge, and I recognize that! 

I look over and see Lance chugging two Diet Coke's.  When I ask him what he's doing he's like "no one said I couldn't have them!"

Chilling out watching a movie.  I love how Tallie just cuddles up! 

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa! 

And finally Lance's favorite part of the night - BINGO!  He was so cute and had so much fun and won a bunch of prizes.  For days after, he kept saying "mom, remember Bingo!"  I seriously love that kid! 

It seriously was such a magical Christmas Eve!  Kids make it so much fun.  I am grateful for my two little kiddos and can't believe next Christmas we'll have one more! 

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ike and em said...

One word that describes you perfectly Katie--FUN! You are always making life fun. Congrats on your new little baby on the way.