Thursday, December 29, 2011

Temple Lights

We have a tradition with Spencer's family that we go eat at Chuck-a-rama every year and then go and see the Temple lights.  Although, judging from the gag gift in the last post, I am not a huge Chuck-a-rama fan, it is a great place for kids.  We can be loud, and messy, and you can get anything you want to eat.  So, once a year, I am a big fan. 

Here were are waiting for a table. 

Here are the kids seeing who can do the best splits... yes, on the floor of Chuck-a-rama! 

Ah, the joy of Chuck-a-rama - you can have pizza a roll and a slurpee for dinner! 

Spencer's dad is such a good sport, the last two years he has dressed up as Santa and brought the kids a piece of a nativity.  It is so cute.  They have no idea it is Papa, and are so excited to see Santa! 

Then we ride on Trax down to the Temple.

I thought this was a great picture of the Brown Fam, it's hard to get all of them to look at the camera, so pretty impressive! 

The kids loved the lights!

Lance still loves to balance on anything he can!

Tallie loved looking in the reflection pond. 

And then heading home on the Trax! 

It was a great night.  Thanks Taggart's for a fun tradition! 

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