Friday, December 30, 2011

The end of the baby bed!

Since Tallie has been a huge climber since she was born, I couldn't believe that she hadn't figured out how to climb out of her crib!  Well, alas the day happened on December 26.  She was freaking out during her nap, and we went into her room and saw her stuck on top! 

How sad does she look?  She does not like naps at all!  So we thought heck let's transform the crib into a big girls bed and see how she does! 

Is that face any indication?  She is OBSESSED with her big bed!  She seriously is so happy and tells everyone about it! 

Is that a look of contentment or what! 

She has done so great.  She has taken a couple naps in it and slept in it for about 5 days.  The only problem is that it takes her quite a while to fall asleep, but she hasn't gotten out of her bed once I've put her down for the night.... we'll see how long that lasts! 

My little sleeping beauty!  

My mom has two twin beds I can trade her for Lance's queen bed, so Lance and Tallie can share a room when the baby comes.  I was going to do that this week, but then I decided if I can still give them their own room for another 3-6 months, I would rather do that!

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