Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Randomness part 2

Here are a few more fun Christmas activities that kept us busy! 

Our youth in the Ward take a little decorated trailer around the neighborhood and carol to all the neighbors.  Since Spencer and I both serve with the youth, we took the kids with us.  To say it was freezing was understatement. 

They were happy for the first few minutes! 

Lance ended up cuddled on the ground in a blanket under Spencer's legs! 

Zoo Lights: 

We went with the Walker's to the Zoo Lights!  And we learned from the night before and dressed them super warm! 

The night couldn't be complete with out a tantrum from Tallie! 

Every night we talk about our nightly "gift to Jesus" which is something we want to work on the following day, and we write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the white stocking.  One night I look over and I see Tallie grinning from ear to ear, and had to snap this pic, too cute! 

Spencer and his brother Sam played and sang at my friend Lindsay's ward party.  I thought they did great, and it was cute to see brothers having fun jamming together! 

Lance had his preschool program, he has blossomed so much from last year.  He even sings loudly this year, I love it! 

We had our friends over for a movie night to watch "Elf!"  Look at all these cute blondies! 

Another fun tradition was looking for "Star" Elf every morning! 

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