Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Taggart Sib Party

Every year we have a Christmas party with the Taggart Sibs and parents.  It is on the 21 every year, and we do the same traditions which make it a lot of fun. 

We start out with appetizers and a delicious dinner courtesy of Mama Taggart! 

Her beautiful house and table!

Sam and Katie, who get married on February 10!  We are excited to have another member join the fam, even if her name will be Katie Taggart the 2nd....

Em looking gorgeous as always!

Lorin is awfully excited about his dinner!

Abi & Ammon

Me and the Speen!

I was having a hard time cutting my meat, so don't mind me as I eat half the piece in one fell swoop!

After dinner comes the talent portion where we all do talents for Jane!  Sophie, Em and I played the piano!

I definitely proved that I need to play more than one time a year, as I think every other note was a mistake, but its the thought that counts, right?

Abi and Ammon singing a nice duet!

Spence and Sam sang a few numbers while Katie played the drum!

Lorin and Kelli tried to do a parody and slightly make fun of a song that was sang at their wedding! 

So everyone that wanted to see my baby bump, well here it is.... LARGE and in charge!  (And sadly, only 6 months along!) Holy Moly I am ginormous!  And I think that shirt is the most unflattering thing I have ever worn, so since the party that shirt has been shelved until after I have the baby and lose the pregnancy weight, lol! 

Next we do our yearly "Gift to Jesus" 

And then onto Secret Partners.  We all try to guess who each person has, with A LOT of gag gifts thrown into the mix.  Sam got some sexy DI lingerie! 

I made Katie a beautiful picture of us in the "bridesmaid dresses."  Total inside joke, but Abi thought it was quite funny!

Lorin made Ammon a wood putter. 

Kelli, knowing how much I absolutely love Chuck A Rama (and with Love she means hate!) made me a $150 gift card that never expires there, lol!

Ammon showed us his talent of making dolls with heads made out of rotted apples!

Real gift:  Sam made this adorable beanie for Em!

And finally we three girls wanted Toms, and so Lorin made us all our own special pair of Toms - mine had Tom Dickson on the front (the owner of BlendTec), Katie's had Tom and Jerry, and Emily's had Tom Cruise!  They were so funny! 

Definitely a wonderful night had by all! 


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, how FUN. First of all, you look AMAZING!!! And secondly, I am LOVING all your funny gifts! They are hilarious! Haha!!!

Kristin said...

what a fun fun tradition! looks like a blast. And seriously!! you are tiny!!! barely a bump but a cute one for sure! ;)